Virus Influenza and Imboost Force

Virus Influenza included in family of orthomyxoviridae, and it is divided become type A Influenza, type B Influenza, type C Influenza and thogotovirus. Thogotovirus is constituting tick borne virus or virus which it's transmission pass through of ticks. Virus Influenza type C does not cause appear a serious disease. Virus Influenza type B sometime cause appear regional epidemic on human populations. And Virus Influenza type A has related to fowl and it can cause pandemic on human populations, like as Avian Influenza (H5N1) and Swine Flu (H1N1).

Virus Influenza type A be categorized by base of variation structure of two glycoprotein: hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N) on virus surface. The function of hemagglutinin (H) is sticking the virus influenza to sialic acid receptor on human cell surface. After bundled, cell flu enter in host cell, and then RNA virus enter to nucleus cell, and RNA virus makes the particles of new virus. Whereas function of neuraminidase (N)is simple but important, i.e. make possible the new virus be shaped to separate from cell host and can free walk from one cell to other cell pass through respiratory tract.

As the problem here that virus influenza is RNA - based virus (virus which has RNA only and has not DNA). The function of RNA is for virus replication, whereas function of DNA is assuring the structure of new virus same precisely with it's origin. That mean if present the mistake in replication process, DNA can do correction or control. Virus Influenza because has RNA only often do some mistakes during replication. That can cause virus influenza often experience mutation. As the consequence specific antibody cannot recognize this new virus, until next occur pandemic. Like as what we know, antibodies need early recognize virus before killing off it. Thus if present new virus which unknown, the antibodies cannot kill it.

Of that cause, body immune system which the first time has function to kill off new virus as consequence of mutation is non specific body immune system like as IMBOOST FORCE, because non specific body immune system will kill off new virus directly without need to know the kind of that new virus. Imboost Force has spectacular power to against virus influenza because it has three active contents like as Black Elderberry 400 mg, Echinacea 250 mg, and Zinc Picolinate 10 mg.

Black Elderberry 400 mg with work mecanism: prevent virus replication by neutralize enzym neuraminidase virus and hamper activation of hemagglutinin virus; modulate body immune system by increase sitokin production (IL-1, IL-6, IL-8 and TNF alfa)

Echinacea 250 mg with work mecanism: modulate body immune system by increase phagocytosis macrophage, increase interferon, inteleukin and TNF alfa production; prevent infection transmission; as antiinflammatory; and accelerate wound healing.

Zinc Picolinate 10 mg with work mecanism: hamper virus replication; ICAM-1 inhibitor.

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