Precaution of Swine Flu Transmission

Recently the world is scared by the happening of disease which is called “Swine Flu” on human. Swine Flu case on human the first time is found on March until beginning of April 2009 at south California area near of San Antonio, Texas. At mid of April 2009 happened outbreak in Mexico and USA. In Mexico about 1.500 person are infected by Swine Flu virus, 60 person were dead as consequence of be attacked by Swine Flu virus. Data on April 27, 2009 indicate that had happened incident cases distribution like as in California 7 cases, New York City 28 cases, Ohio 1 case and Texas 2 cases.

This condition will be able to spread to all worlds quickly as pandemic of fast movement of peoples from one state to other states, if haven’t been committed anticipation steps to prevent its transmission. It can be started by recognizing what is the swine flu and what can we do to prevent it.

Swine Flu is constitute an acute infectious disease of respiratory tract which be caused by type A of influenza virus, serotype H1N1. Main reservoir of this virus is swine; it could transmit from animal to human and from human to human, but it unknown how easy it’s transmission from human to human exactly.

The problems in facing this Swine Flu are:
This virus can attack human,
If a person suffers Swine Flu, the symptoms fast come to deteriorate.
High death rate,
It’s transmission very fast,
It can spread wide world and global,
It be transmitted by animal (swine) where it nearest with human life,
So it difficult to be prevented,

Incubation period of Swine Flu disease is 1 – 7 days, with clinical signs like common cold symptoms with clinical manifestation:
Higher fever,
Sore throat
Body pain,
Quickly breathing / breathing disorder,

Swine Flu transmission same like the transmission which happened on seasonally:
It can transmit from human to human pass through of cough and sneeze,
Spreading of it happens by material contact or anything that is infected by H1N1 virus.

Terminology that be related in framework of vigilance and tackling effort of Swine Flu Infection:
That be proposed of contact is treat, live together in a home or direct relating with breathing secret or body fluid from probable case or confirms swine flu H1N1 / Flu Mexico.
That be proposed of transmission area is area or state that it has one or more confirm cases which be established by WHO.

Steps in anticipation and prevention framework:
Keep on guard against of all cases with influenza sign (Influenza like Illness) and immediately investigate the contact history with animal (swine) and or contact with peoples whose new come from the country which being infected by Swine Flu.
Increase surveillance activity toward Influenza like Illness and pneumonia, so report the case with swine flu suspect to regency health department.
Increase coordination with move across of program and sector, so information spreading is related with transmission of swine flu disease.
Community education about Life behavior with clean and healthy lifestyle like as wash hand by detergent antiseptic, so application of cough and sneeze ethics with close nose and mouth by handkerchief or Kleenex.
Use self protection tool, if we present in transmission area of swine flu.

Therapy of swine flu:
Symptomatic therapy and giving Oseltamivir, with distribution dose as below:
For adult and children > 13 years; twice 75 mg per day during 5 days,
For children <> 15 – 23 kg: 45 mg, twice a day; > 23 – 40 kg: 60 mg, twice a day; > 40 kg: 75 mg, twice a day.

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