The Spread of Hindu Religion in the Part of the World

In an excavation in Egypt in a known inscription dated 1200 BC. It is a treaty between Ramesses II and the Hittites. In this agreement "Maitra Waruna" is the title of the manifestation of Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, according to the Hindu religion mentioned in the Vedas is considered as a witness.

Contained the Sahara Desert in North Africa according to the study of Geology is a former lake which had dried. Sagara in Sanskrit means the sea; and the name Sahara is the development of Sagara said. Given also that the people who live around them in the past is closely linked with the King of Kosala a Hindu from India.

Native of Mexico to recognize and celebrate the holidays Rama Sinta, which coincided with celebrations in India Nawa Ratri. From the results of excavations in the area obtained Ganesha statues are closely associated with Hinduism. In addition, the ancient people of these countries are the people Astika (Aztec), namely those who believe in the teachings of the Vedas. Astika said this is a term very close relationship with the "Aztecs" is a native of the area, as is known his name today.

Native of Peru has an annual holiday that is celebrated at the sun is at the farthest distance from the equator and the natives are called Inca. The word "Inca" is derived from the word "Ina" in Sanskrit which means "sun" and indeed people the Inca Surya is worshiper.

Description of Aswameda Yadnya (horse sacrifice) in which one of the Puranic Hindu Smriti states that the King Sagara burned to ashes by sage Kapila. King's sons are trying to Patala loka (the land beneath the earth = America behind India) in victims of the horse business. Because the Supreme sage Kapila's hermitage in the woods (Aranya) annoyed, then angry and burnt all the sons of King Sagara so to ashes.

Patala loka understanding is Indian country under the United States. While Kapila Aranya name associated with the name of California and there are parks mountain ash (Ash Mountain Park).

In the neighborhood tribes indigenous Australians have a particular type of dance is described as the dance of Shiva (Shiva's Dance). The dance performed by dancer-dancers to wear a sign "Tri Kuta" or a sign of a third eye on his forehead. The signs are suggestive of this clearly shows that the country had been familiar with the culture brought by the Hindu religion.

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