Socialization of the P2TP2A Institutions of Klungkung District

Yesterday dated 26 November 2009 at Praja Mandala Room of Regent Klungkung Office had been held socialization activities of P2TP2A Institutions of Klungkung regency. Participants who attend approximately 100 people from educational institutions (education Department, High Head, Head of Junior), TP PKK, Dharma Wanita, P2TP2A Board, Alit Assembly of Pekraman Village, UPT Health Center. Socialization event begins with opening remarks by the Chairman and Executive of P2TP2A Klungkung Regency, by presenting Resources of: A.A.I.A. Ratnadri, SH, Ny. Andre, Sri Wahyuni, SH, Ni Ketut Latri, SH, and Ida Bagus Alit.

Said to be the formation background P2TP2A Institute (Center for Integrated Services for Women and Children Empowerment) that generally increase the quality of life of women in various fields have obtained positive results. But still needs to improve the position and role of women, especially in strategic areas such as education, health, economic, legal and child protection as well as political. Besides, there are still many issues regarding domestic violence in the home against women and children who are often deliberately not raised surface (nerimo).

P2TP2A is one form of vehicle services for women and children in an effort to fulfill the needs of information and education, health, economic, political, legal, protection and prevention of violence and trafficking against women and children. P2TP2A Klungkung District has formed in accordance Klungkung Regent Decree No. 199 Year 2009, dated July 9, 2009 About the Formation of the Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment Klungkung regency.

In Socialization is said that the main task of P2TP2A is a container service women's empowerment and child protection community based. P2TP2A serves to facilitate various services to the community both physical and non physical, which includes information, referral, consults / counseling, skills training and other activities. P2TP2A generally aims to contribute to the realization of gender equality and justice by integrating the strategies in integrated service activities for the improvement of conditions, and protection of women's roles as well as providing welfare and child protection.

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