Women's Secret Beauty Collection

Women's Secret Beauty Collection. What woman does not yearn to have a beautiful face and smooth skin? We believe that having a beautiful face and smooth skin is desired of all women in the world. Thus many efforts have been made by each woman to make her look beautiful and smooth skin since starting a teenager through the efforts of facial treatments, hair care, nail care and skin care and body shapes, such as washing with soap branded beauty, bath scrubs , use powder, make up, masks, sun block cream, hair dye, nail polish and more. The desire of women to have a beautiful face and skin is not only today but since the time of the ancestors of the women have longed for beauty of face and smooth skin.

Here's a collection of women's beauty secret that some countries from their ancestral recipe as a myth or reality:

Women in Japan, although Japan including advanced countries, but Japan had in fact most women prefer to use the tips of bird droppings Uguisu no Fun (Bulbul) to make their skin clean. Even unmitigated filth directly used as masks. Now they are still using dirt tips for beauty, but once mixed with the new soap applied to the face and skin.

Women in Greece, Greece are a country famous for its variety mythology, including the secret mythology about female beauty. They use lime to refresh the skin. Essence of lemon can also kill the bacteria that cause acne. If you want to try facial beauty tips and skin: wash face with warm water and then mixed with essential oils of orange, or can also use a mask with orange juice plus

Women in the UK, there are beauty tips related faces drink the dregs of tea from the tea is believed to eliminate dark circles, especially in the eyes. Even those women that have tips that keep pulp in the fridge, so it can be used at any time to maintain the beauty of their faces.

Women in Russia used to use coffee to rub into their skin. Securities acquired beauty is the loss of body odor and skin color of a bright and radiant. Additional tips: They do it when sauna that removal of dead skin cells in an optimal way. Now, these tips are very popular in the world. If you are caring for women who often must know the beauty of face scrubs Potions. Well scrubs of this coffee come from this country.
Women in Egypt, Queen Cleopatra was not leaving his love story, but also left the beauty secret for women. It was said that Cleopatra loved to use the milk and honey for beauty face. He also often bathe in a bath with sea salt and dead sea mud. Egyptian Queen is believed that the materials can give the skin a clean and smooth. As well as a beautiful face and shining. He also believed that the beauty tips that do also the secret of youth.

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